The spa resort Brussel is located in the center of Františkovy Lázně, which is famous for its natural healing mineral waters. The hotel is 200 meters from the spa colonnade, where the main drinking springs are located.

The hotel was built in 2009, has satellite TV, a fridge and a safe. Each room has a private bathroom with a hairdryer and bathrobe. You must appreciate the peace and quiet while relaxing on the balcony.

The hotel also offers paid parking at your service.

We offer you to undergo a comprehensive spa treatment in our balneological center. Our medcal specialists and professional medical staff traditionally use local franzisko-lazensky natural resources. The main feature of our hotel is that the Glauber I spring is connected to the hotel, the mineral water from which is used for some baths. The pearl of our balneological center is a therapeutic cryogenic chamber with a temperature from – 60 ° С to – 110 ° С, which is available only in the Brussels hotel in the resort Frantiskovy Lazne.



Many years ago, on the site of this city there was a swamp with mineral springs seeping to the surface of the earth. The history of this city began in the neighboring city of Cheb.

In the vicinity of this city, a healing spring was found, thanks to which Frantiskovy Lazne began to be built. The city got its name in honor of the Emperor of Austria, Franz I, who is considered the founder of the city. And the most famous source from which the construction of the city began was called the source of Frantisk.

This city was visited by many famous and outstanding personalities, such as I.V. Goethe, L. Beethoven, Austrian Emperor Franz I with his daughter Maria Louise, second wife of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, I. Strauss, Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I of Habsburg, Czech writer B. Nemtsova, A.B. Nobel and many others.

In the numerous parks of this city you will also find many other sculptures and monuments. One of the most respected guests of this city was the first president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel. He very often came to this city with his wife. But the main attraction is the bronze sculpture of Frantisk, depicting a boy with fish in his hands, sitting on a ball, it’s one of the symbols of this city.

You will receive more detailed information about the history of the city, its symbols and sights on a walking tour of the city, which we regularly conduct for free for our guests.

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Our spa springs were officially opened in 1510, but people knew and used natural healing springs long before that. Already in the Middle Ages in the territory of today’s Františkovy Lázně and their immediate surroundings, mineral springs, marsh peat were discovered and started to be used for treatment, and over time, the release of natural carbon dioxide, which features carbon dioxide, high content of sulfates, sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride and iron. Frantiskovy Lazne gained particular fame as a resort for the treatment of gynecological diseases, including infertility, it also treats cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and in recent years, patients come to the resort to restore health after cancer.

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