Laser therapy

Description of the procedure:

The effect of the laser on the body occurs using a special apparatus,

which produces low-intensity radiation. With this procedure, the therapeutic effect is noted not only in the focus of inflammation, but also on the tissue around it. The procedure is completely painless. The number of sessions is determined by the doctor based on the indications or contraindications of laser therapy for the patient.

The main indications:

Arthritis and arthrosis, lesions of the knee joints, diseases and injuries of ligaments and tendons, foot diseases (calcaneal spur and others), epicondylitis, postoperative problems, migraine, neuralgia, inflammation after trauma, vascular disease, non-healing wounds and ulcers, lymphostasis, skin diseases, sports injuries.


Thyroid problems, blood diseases, acute infectious disease, mental disorder.

Duration of the procedure:

3 minutes