Herbal bath

Description of the procedure:

When taking this type of bath in a water heated to 36 – 38 ° C, add a mixture of plant herbs to increase the efficiency of the procedure. Depending on the added extract, such a bath has a strong antiseptic, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, choleretic, diaphoretic, anticonvulsant, analgesic, or sedative effect. Warm water helps to expand the pores of the skin and better absorption of active substances, which are initially concentrated in subcutaneous fat, and then with blood are distributed to all organs and tissues, providing a therapeutic effect. Bath procedures reduce blood stasis in the lower extremities, which leads to an improvement in its circulation in the body.

General indications:

General toning, respiratory tract diseases, skin diseases, non-healing wounds and ulcers, psychosomatic diseases, neurosis, insomnia, osteomyelitis, hemorrhoids, venous insufficiency


Damage or irritation to the skin, allergies, individual intolerance, increased blood pressure


15 minutes